Assignemnt #12 and Variables And Names


      ///Name: Dakota Donahue
      ///Period: 5
      ///Project Name: Variables And Names
      ///File Name: VariablesAndNames
      ///Date: 9/9/2015
      //1. Writing 4.0 rather than 4 allows the number of people that can be transported to a place of 2 significant figures rather than 1.
      //2.A floating point number has no fixed number of digits before or after the decimal point.
      public class VariablesAndNames
          public static void main( String[] args )
              int cars, drivers, passengers, cars_not_driven, cars_driven;
              double space_in_a_car, carpool_capacity, average_passengers_per_car;
              //There are a total of 100 cars available
              cars = 100;
              //4.0 people can fit into a single car
              space_in_a_car = 4.0;
              //There are 30 drivers available
              drivers = 30;
              //There are 90 passengers
              passengers = 90;
              //Calculates difference between variable: cars, and variable: drivers
              cars_not_driven = cars - drivers;
              //Makes number of cars driver equal to number of drivers
              cars_driven = drivers;
              //Calculates product of number of cars driven and how many people can fit into a car
              carpool_capacity = cars_driven * space_in_a_car;
              //Divides total passengers by cars driver
              average_passengers_per_car = passengers / cars_driven;
              //Displays total number of cars available
              System.out.println( "There are " + cars + " cars available." );
              //Displays total number of drivers available
              System.out.println( "There are only " + drivers + " drivers available." );
              //Displays total number of cars which will not be used
              System.out.println( "There will be " + cars_not_driven + " empty cars today." );
              //Displays total number of passengers that can be held in all the cars being driven
              System.out.println( "We can transport " + carpool_capacity + " people today." );
              //Displays total number of passengers that need to be transported 
              System.out.println( "We have " + passengers + " to carpool today." );
              //Displays total number of passengers divided by the number of cars driven
              System.out.println( "We need to put about " + average_passengers_per_car + " in each car." );

Picture of the output