Assignemnt #60 and Enter PIN


      ///Name: Dakota Donahue
      ///Period: 5
      ///Project Name: Enter PIN
      ///Date: 12/4/2015
      //1. A while loop is like an if statement because it sets up a certain parameter which, if met, carries out a specific task.
      //2. A while loop is continually repeated until its conditions are not met unalike an if statemnt which is only carried out once.
      //3. It doesn't have to be remembered.
      //4. The while loop loops back and repeates itself when entry = Keyboard.nextInt is removed.
      import java.util.Scanner;
      public class EnterPIN
      	public static void main( String[] args )
      		Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;
      		int pin = 12345;
      		System.out.println("WELCOME TO THE BANK OF JOSHUA.");
      		System.out.print("ENTER YOUR PIN: ");
      		int entry = keyboard.nextInt();
      		while ( entry != pin )
      			System.out.println("\nINCORRECT PIN. TRY AGAIN.");
      			System.out.print("ENTER YOUR PIN: ");
      			entry = keyboard.nextInt();
      		System.out.println("\nPIN ACCEPTED. YOU NOW HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR ACCOUNT.");